To create communities for interpersonal connection using openhearted and scientifically researched methods, so that participants in every country are inspired to become the boldest, most loving versions of themselves.


We are a global network of open-hearted individuals who strive to meet local and world challenges through deepening interpersonal connection and rising to live more true to ourselves.


Close relationships are central to mental and physical health, whereas research indicates that poor social connection is a significant public health concern, increasing risk of death as much as excessive cigarette smoking and more than excessive drinking, obesity, and chronic exposure to air pollution (Holt-Lunstad et. al., 2010). Not only is our ability to form close relationships at the core of our mental health, but it helps people live longer.

Live with Awareness, Courage and Love (ACL) Meetups make widely available the concepts of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) which focuses on the healing power of present-moment authentic interactions. This model, developed and researched at the University of Washington, is for seekers from all walks of life who want a nurturing space to connect more deeply with themselves and with others as they delve into what truly matters. Participants practice open-hearted presence; self-expression; deep listening, acceptance and compassion and being the best and boldest version of themselves so that they can create more meaningful and passionate lives.