We are thrilled to announce that our founder, Dr. Mavis Tsai, will be a featured speaker for one of THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE and FREE mental health and well-being online events ever held, from April 11 – April 17. Her talk “How to Decrease Loneliness and Make New Meaningful Friendships at Any Age” is engaging, moving and experiential. You will leave with potent tools to connect with others more deeply.

Join her and more than 60 other presenters including Deepak Chopra MD, Gabor Maté MD, Andrew Weil MD, Michael Singer, Tara Brach PhD, don Miguel Ruiz, and other well-known well-being experts from around the world, for the Mental Health & Well-Being Global Summit, presented by the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation and Wisdom for Life.   

Registration for the event is open and FREE and will allow you 48 hours to watch each day’s sessions .  

If you’d like to watch these presentations at your own pace, as well as help support the work that the Awareness, Courage and Love Global Project does, please consider purchasing the UPGRADED PACKAGE.  This upgrade allows you not only video replays and audio downloads of all the sessions, but it also allows for a percentage of the proceeds to be shared withACL Global Project which will facilitate us to continue eradicating loneliness and increasing connection worldwide.

Click on the following link to register for FREE:  


Mental Health & Well-Being Global Summit