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Awareness, Courage & Love
Global Project

We encourage you to be your most authentic self, love boldly, lead bravely, and share your unique gifts with others.

 ACL, Our Vision & Commitment

Happenings & Experiences

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It's easy to think it's about them, about him or her, but it's about you.  And me.  Connecting.  Right now, in this conversation.  Not that one.  This one.

--Susan Scott

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

“This was a special
experience for me. I was
able to find joy in my
body. I thought it was
impossible to contact
joy at this moment but
I was able to. So I’m
very grateful for that.”


Bamberg, Germany

“Awareness is so important
to me: to notice what
happens in me when I
really listen to others and
then share it with them. It
is wonderful to have my
own emotions be heard.”


Brasilia, Brazil

“It was very important
for me to reconnect
with myself. The sharing
and feedback with
the group was very
powerful. Environments
like this meetup are
scarce in daily life.”

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We’re delighted you’re here. Discover and co-create the magic of our community.

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