focused on transformative growth through genuine, heartfelt interactions. Our work is validated by ongoing scientific research.

We Help You:

  • Tune into your needs and feelings
  • Embody your true voice, even when it’s scary
  • Connect authentically with yourself and others

Our in-person and online experiential meetings provide a supportive network for you to practice these skills. We also train interested individuals worldwide to become ACL leader.

Benefits of Joining Us

What makes us unique? Our community focuses on transformative growth through genuine, heartfelt interactions backed by scientific research. We offer:

  • Pathways to your best self: Participate in international experiential meetings, live guided meditations, thematic explorations, and self-exploration exercises.
  • Collaborative growth: Engage in profound connections and global networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Content creation and revenue sharing: Enhance our collective wisdom.
  • Extensive resources: Access a vast content and resource library.
  • Multilingual inclusivity: Join a community speaking over 20 languages.

Awareness, Courage & Love Meetups Change Lives


Get Involved

Join our free Change Seekers Community today! When you’re ready for more, transition to our affordable Change Makers membership for deeper interpersonal and community transformation. Your unique experiences enrich our collective journey, creating a world where everyone feels seen, valued and heard.

We've Been Featured on Psychology Today!

Recently, Marianna Pogosyan interviewed Dr. Mavis Tsai, ACL Global Project Founder and discussed “How to Have Extraordinary Interactions”.   Click here to read all about their illuminating conversation.

Find out more about how to create Extraordinary Interactions in your life by downloading our free article, “Self-Growth: A Key to Profound Connections”.